Byron Bay Surf School has only the finest instructors working on the beaches each day, who are qualified in all aspects of surf teaching, surf rescue and first aid. Each coach is carefully selected for their love of surfing and the energy and enthusiasm with which they provide the team and their students.

Team Profile

Jayme Edwards

Jayme Edwards

Byron Bay Surf School is owned and managed by Jayme Edwards. Jayme has been involved with surf schools and surf coaching since 1994 and is keen to share his passion for surfing.

Since 1994, Jayme and his team of coaches have taught a variety of different groups, including programmes for:

  • Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced
  • Backpackers, Travellers
  • Universities
  • Public & Private High Schools
  • English Language Schools
  • Corporate Groups
  • Sporting Associations
  • Study Abroad Students
Marko McGrath
Jayme has introduced literally thousands of people to the art of surfing.

Conor Duffy
Jessica Purbrick
Kurt Henson
Olivia Arca